“When You & When I”: Words of an Abusive Relationship

When I feel as though, the girl I am about to share with you is an entirely different person. When now, it all seems like a distant memory, a bad dream and even a completely different life. When maybe in some ways, it was. Remember, When you and when I…


Two Thousand Word Theory of Bull$h!T

It’s what keeps us hopeful. It’s what keeps us up late at night wondering- It’s guys and all their bullshit. Boys like the idea of having a woman, but babe, they can’t handle one; I call bullshit.

7 Things to Not Hate About You This Year: A List to Myself

I am accepting that there are things about myself that will most likely follow me over into 2018. Yes, I would love to erase my flaws, regrets and mistakes, like every other woman on the planet, but that’s just not realistic. I have made a New Year, Same Me list for the things I am taking over with me into the new year.

Perception of Perfection

  I am writing my first blog post from the basement of my parents house. It is currently four months…

It’s Not You, It’s Him

This one’s for the good girls. The ones who are misunderstood. The old souls. The independent and the strong girls.…