The start of a new chapter


This week was easily the longest week of my life. I came to Los Angeles on a high, I quickly experienced a few lows, and I am , without a doubt, back on a high as I end this crazy week.

I am hopeful my internship experience and life in LA will only go up as I get more adjusted to my new normal for the following weeks.

Being touristy my first week in Hollywood.

I was still waiting for someone to pinch me as I sat in the office filling out payroll paperwork on my first day at TMZ. Surprisingly, I was thrown very quickly into my new roll as an intern for their news desk. I basically just had to act like I wasn’t in shock the whole time and that I knew exactly what everyone was talking about. Quickly, I figured out to just roll with the punches.

I was given my own desk area, among all the others, and within the first two hours of my work day my boss was instant messaging me assignments. Although I can’t disclose the information or people I was working with, I spent most of my first day logging hours of dialogue from celebrity interviews to then post to their website. After I completed logging, someone from my department gave me some brief instruction on how a lot of the databases work. I had to make sure I really listened and focused because my worst fear was screwing up on my first day. Then, I was asked to begin researching and gathering materials for a certain web post. I don’t believe anyone can be truly prepared for their first day “on the job” no matter what your level of education. I did learn however, to apply all the knowledge I have learned from journalism school and apply it to certain tasks, especially web writing. Other than that, I felt pretty clueless on the inside as I slowly  started to figure things out AND slowly crept up a fever.

Yes, that’s right. I spiked up a high fever on my first day of work at freaking TMZ in Los Angeles. So to add to the already present level of anxiety of not knowing where I am, who anyone was or what the f**k I was doing, I then realize I am sick in the middle of the work day. So, as I am sitting at my desk typing away, cameras rolling, in what should feel like a dream work scenario, all I can think is, “OH MY GOD, I think I might actually die.”No joke I literally texted my mom I thought I was dying.

You know you’re an adult when you actually feel like dying, but you don’t even have the option too.

God Bless the extra strength Tylenol that I popped on my lunch break because then my fever broke and I miraculously made it through the rest of the day.

I could create a whole separate blog just about LA traffic, so I won’t go into how I drove over an hour all the way back home after my first day making wrong turns and nearly dying a couple of times. Once I made it back to my apartment, I stayed sitting in my car crying and having mental breakdown for a solid 10 minutes. After my pity party, I composed myself because big girls don’t cry and drove myself to the Hollywood Urgent Care (Yes it literally was an Urgent Care with a giant Hollywood sign inside). You would have thought being in the same room as Harvey Levin would have made my day, but no, when that doctor walked in I actually was about to kiss his feet.

Turns out my strep throat from the week prior wasn’t totally done with me (plus my weekend in Vegas probably didn’t help). Anyway, one shot in the butt, some steroids, and sleep, I was a whole new woman the next day. My entire week actually only got even better from there, including the second day of my internship. I was able to pitch story ideas and even sit in on my first celebrity interview. On top of that, I of course already began to see familiar faces and everything I am expected to do was already becoming easier to me.

My weekend was filled with lots of exploring which I love. I think adventure is important part of growing. How do you grow and learn more about yourself in the exact same place you’ve always been? Ok well my first adventure might have been trying to break into the Kardashian’s neighborhood, but whatever it still counts. I tried. From Calabasis, we drove through Malibu Canyon, all the way down to the coast of Malibu.

I spent a whole entire day with my roommates in Santa Monica laying on the beach. We even left with some new friends. I have learned very quickly people here in LA either want to be your best friend or want to fight you, there is no in between. Ladies on the beach yelled at us for starring at them. Yes, thats right. STARRING AT THEM. Like Oh, I’m sorry. Am I aloud to breathe your air too?

My first week on my own in this “City of Angels” has certainly been one I won’t forget. It’s not as glamorous as one would think, but it certainly is a one of a kind place. I am constantly in awe of the beauty that surrounds me outside of just the city and the diversity of people.

I just love it. Surprisingly, I am getting used to the driving around and I’m starting to feel like a local (sit down Leah you’ve only been here for a week). I’m excited to see what is to come as I learn more about this industry, the city, and of course, myself.




1 thought on “The start of a new chapter

  1. Hey Leah. It’s Jordan. You sound like you had a rough first week! Congratulations for surviving through it all. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have to agree with what you said on never really being ready for the first day on the job. I feel like every company does things a little bit differently than the next, so it does not matter how much you prepare. Something unexpected will always happen. I commend you on using you’re journalism skills to get the work done at TMZ. Well done! Well done! *applause* It sounds like you’re doing some worthwhile work. If you weren’t an intern, then you would officially be an employee. It’s too bad you can disclose any of the celebrities you worked with because I love hearing the latest celebrity gossip. You’re so lucky. I’m jealous but at the same time I’m happy for you. Keep up the good work! And one more thing: his name is Harvey Levin, not Harry Levin. I wish you all the best with the rest of your internship. You rock!

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