Life in Fast Lane

I’ve always heard life in Los Angeles being described as “fast” and I am starting understand why.

No, I am not referring to all the rich people speeding past you in there Lambos like they own the freeways (well they probably do) or the motorcycles that nearly take your side mirror out. I am talking about how life here is constantly in motion. Life here is big, busy, and fast. I just survived my second week and it’s pretty crazy because it feels like I have been here forever.

When you’re thrown into trying to live in Hollywood, I feel like you either sink or swim. You have to be mentally prepared to drive in a place where everyone is in a hurry, work in a place where everyone wants to be somebody and play in a place that could potentially be poisonous.

On a less deep note, things are becoming more routine for me. I am starting to get used to the crazy traffic and can actual get from place to play with a sense of familiarity to my surroundings. One of the good things about leaving at 5a.m for my internship is that there are not nearly as many people are on the road as there normally would be (the drive home is a different story).

Regardless, waking up at 4a.m actually is not as bad as I thought it would be because I have this amazing job to go too. I genuinely love the environment I work in. The cool thing about a company like TMZ is I am surrounded by coworkers who are just like me, for the most part. On top of that, it’s a fun and casual environment. We can pretty much wear whatever we want to work, so everyone can express themselves and just be comfortable during the work day. The office is hip and high tech; I am amazed how some of the on-camera personalities can just sit at there desk and record themselves doing a segment. Also, there is tons of free coffee, food, drinks, and did I mention the free coffee part…sooo blessed y’all.

Yeah the free snacks are nice, but most importantly, I love how I don’t feel like an intern, instead I am part of a team. My boss listens to my pitch ideas and actually lets me write about them! Even better, whatever celebrity I am interviewing, he lets me have a good amount of freedom with the questions I want to ask. So basically, I am getting paid to do what I love, talk to people, write and use social media all day. No joke, I get to stalk celebs insta sites and look at shirtless pics of my imaginary husband Zac Efron, then just talk about it. (Side Note: if i hear one more story about Hiddleswift or a Kardashian I am going to barf.)

It feels really good to actually be contributing to a reputable entertainment news station and not getting anyone coffee…well expect for myself. Although I am treated like a regular employee, I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be in this position, and keep my eyes and ears open to learn more.

So, not to brag, but my job is freaking amazing. I get to write about anything I want all day, while some of my favorite news personalities film right next to my desk. I have written over 10 stories for our website, which is crazy. I’ve quickly learned the ropes and I couldn’t really even tell you how I got to this point that’s how quick it happened. I’m defiantly a happy girl and I am not complaining.

Aside from my work days, my off days have been equally as fast paced and awesome. I honestly don’t think I wUnknown.jpegould be having as good of an experience as I am out here, if I didn’t have my roommates and all my new friends to lean on. (I think we all got a little closer too when bonding at Bootie LA when things got weird, but I won’t go into detail there). We all have similar interests and life goals, so we all understand each other really well and have just clicked. My roomies are like my little piece of home, so I think that is why I really have not been homesick at all.

The days go by so fast because we all are constantly doing things and wanting to soak up as much of L.A we can.





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