Third Times a Charm


As my third week in LA came to a close, I feel like I finally have things figured out.

I am not nearly as stressed as I thought I would be, which is funny because I am pretty much non-stop between work, class and events (are you sure this isn’t the city that never sleeps). Aside from me running solely on coffee, this week has been my favorite so far for many different reasons.

For starters, the group got to visit some studios like Warner Bros. and Fox, which was such an unbelievable experience.

I am always so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement, which sounds really stupid because they are just studio tours. However, they flood you with some much new knowledge and you are exposed to all the films you love, so you can’t help but think about all the things you want to be apart of in this industry.

It is incredibly vast and so much is behind it, and the tours of major studios just remind you of all of that.

Secondly, my internship just continues to make me feel really good about myself, which I am thankful for. My co-workers complimented my articles and they said I was a really good writer, which meant a lot coming from professionals who have worked in entertainment news for a while. Also, this week my boss let my do my first phone interview and it happened so casually. He was just like, ‘Hey leah, I need you to do a phoner with Sophie Tweed Simmons in an hour about the hate she’s getting on social media’. Even though I was freaking out on the inside, thinking what the heck that even meant or am I even trained to do this…all that came out of my mouth was, “Gotcha, what’s a I call her?” Luckily my boss just laughed and told me yes it was just a phone interview (with rockstar Gene Simmons and playboy playmate Sharon Tweed’s daughter no big deal). I quickly got my sh** together in my head and told myself I am totally capable. Then from there I just did what I knew how to do. I immediately began researching Sophie Simmons and reading as many other articles as I could on her lingerie photoshoot backlash, so I could be as informed as possible. I came up with around 9 basic questions I want answered, but any good reporter knows that the conversation with the person you are interviewing has to be natural. So I had to be prepared for her to talk about something completely different and come up with questions on the spot for the convo to flow naturally. Lucky for me, 13697027_10209853772570954_5658382867984052943_n.jpg
Sophie was totally sweet and we are around the same age, so it was easy to talk and relate to her.

Lastly, my brother came to visit and we drove to San Diego for the 4th of July weekend. I took him to all my favorite hangouts in Hollywood before we left of course. San Diego is beautiful and not as populated as LA. I got to see my best friend in the entire world who moved away in high school. Southern Cali never disappoints.


For some crazy reason, I missed LA and was so glad to be back in the city!



1 thought on “Third Times a Charm

  1. SO cool you got to interview somebody for TMZ! Moving on up fast there girly! SO proud 🙂 Sounds like you love your job and you’re having a great time in LA. I could totally see you moving out here some day valley girl!


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