Days Felt like Minutes


I feel like I blinked and my fourth week here was over.

I think it had a lot to do with it being my week back after the long holiday weekend and I only had one day this week at TMZ.

The time I had back at work this week was very relaxed with not much to do. It was a mixture of everyone was most likely still hungover from the 4th of July weekend and not much going on in the celebrity world.

Friday was a good way to end the easy week when we went to the Hollywood Bowl to watch Startrack. I loved it because it was such a unique was of watching a a major motion picture like that. One minute I was looking up at the Hollywood sign, then the movie and then down at the orchestra…It was just surreal.We may or may not have gotten lost in Hollywood that night, but lets just not talk about it.

Aside from our random excursions, all of these experiences are a dream for someone who loves this industry!


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