I’ve been in Los Angeles for a solid month and I feel like such an adult. It’s kind of freaking me out because I feel like I am going to go back to Georgia 50 years old.

I am waking up at 4a.m for work and driving in city traffic all the way there. Then, I am going to event after event meeting professionals in the industry. THEN, I am some how taking classes and managing to feed myself in between!? Never would I have thought I would experience being so independent this early on into my 20’s.

I started off the week with another interview. It was with a fairly big rapper who has been helping his fans that are struggling with depression. This time I felt much more confident, since I had gotten my first out of the way. My final product of the article got lots of love and the rapper even shared it on his social media.

The Grady Alumni mixer was a great time! I mingled and meet some really cool University of Georgia grads who are out here working in the industry. I have gotten some good tips and I’ve learned that in general if people love the entertainment industry then they will love living LA. Ya know, just adults talking and doing adulty things no big deal.

It was fun kicking back with my popcorn and being a kid for a minute at the rooftop screening of the classic movie Sunset Boulevard. That was an experience you could only get here in LA! I didn’t know this before, but the idea for one of my absolute favorite movies, American Beauty starring Kevin Spacey, actually come off of some of the plot line of Sunset Blvd.

One of my favorite parts of the week was our two days we got to spend with female director ,Christine Swanson. Not only did she let us meet some of here actors and crew, she herself was very inspiring. Hearing her talk about the industry and how she got their being a woman was very eye opening.

Ending the week at the Directors Guild of America was perfect! I have never been to any type of film festival before, so to be apart of the Outfits Film Festival felt very special and moving. Attending something that shows real and true stories just goes to show how film can have a powerful impact on the audience. By telling stories, people can promote a positive change in society and get across an important message to others.

All of this is still so crazy to me, but I am definitely getting the hang of this whole “Adulting” thing. It’s kind of fun 😉


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