Reaching New Heights


Literally, I wrapped up week 6 about 6 hours away and 6 thousand feet up in the Sequoia Mountain. Me and group of friends hiked all the way threw the giant forest. It is a forest full of redwood trees that actually are giant. We all were laughing because we actually felt like we were in a movie that is how unreal and beautiful it was. Somehow we rallied a got the energy to visit Bootie LA one last night…and that’s all I am going to say about that 🙂


Throughout the week, it was business as usual at TMZ. I was researching and writing and even got to do another interview. This time it was with a new housewife on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and she was super cool of course. I guess third times a charm because after the interview, she went off about how adorable I was. Pretty cool, since little did she know it was only my third celeb interview I have done in my life. My boss then told me I did great on all of the interviews I have done so far, so that was another huge plus. In the adult world, you don’t really get lots of pats on the back, so when they come it says a lot about how you are working.

By far the most interesting event of the week was downtown in the art district where the group went to be apart of an interactive performance. I may not of had any idea what was going on and was sweating more that I would like to admit, but it was such unique experience. It sucks because I feel like I could really never explain that performance to anyone, they would just have to experience it for themselves.

As random and spontaneous as some things are that I do here are, I am grateful for ever new experience because I am learning and growing.


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