WHERE IS THE TIME GOING!? My mind is blown that I have been away for two months. I know I am actually going to go into some sort of deep depression and culture shock when I go back home to Georgia.

I spent a lot of time with my roomies in Santa Monica and Malibu this weekend because I just LOVE them…I’m taking about the beaches not my roommates (lol kidding girlies). But in all seriousness, I love hanging out in those areas because they are so classic California and it makes me happy.


I got a lot of last minute and neat opportunities this week. About six of us girl meet with Director Christie Swanson for breakfast and to talk all things girl talk. She told us a lot about being a woman and trying to make a career for yourself and how to pick a man that will mesh well with the type of life you want to live. Basically, never to settle, but remember that no relationship is perfect. We just have to find a man who is willing to be equals with us and to not have jealously in the relationship. We were all so inspired after! I wanted to go run and find a husband and make tons of babies (lol jk, but for real). In all seriousness, the short version of are deep conversation was that we can still be women and do all things wifey’s are supposed to do, while still be bad asses in the industry. I guess I have to find a man who will keep up with me:)

A couple of my friends and I had a connection at Universal and got a exclusive tour through the studio. We ate lunch and talked with a guy who worked in restoration of old films, which was different, but he had a lot of good advice for us going into the industry. Also, in between all of that, I spilt chili all over myself at the check out of this really nice lunch place, with lots of studio executives and….YA’LL it was just SO embarrassing and I wanted to die in that moment and I am really just getting anxiety thinking about it so I am just going to skip that GOD AWFUL story. *takes breathe *sits down

As far as work went, it was a very busy week because Comicon just ended. I spent a lot my time logging interviews and writing about the new movies coming out.I have no idea how I am going to go back to school after all of this.

But for real, can I have a time machine or something? Lets back up time. Thanks.


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