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Hey honey, it’s me^^^

Hello fabulous humans! My name Leah La Rosa. Yes, the last name means “The Rose” in Italian, so it must be true **flips hair.

Just kidding, I make bad jokes when I’m nervous. I am 22 years old (#blessed). Recently, I graduated with a degree in Digital and Broadcast Journalism from the University of Georgia. (GO DAWGS BABY!) So, in a nutshell, I naturally am obsessed asking questions, communicating with other humans, and TELLING STORIES.

At 21, I graduated from Journalism school where I got my B.A. in Digital and Broadcast Journalsim. But why did a 21-year-old want to leave college life so early you may ask? The answer is: I have no idea what I was on at the time I made this decision, but I started college early…SO I ended up finishing early as well. Didn’t quite think that one through.

Just kidding, I actually just tell people that I was so excited about life that I just wanted to hurry up and live it!! (Kind of a big fat lie) The truth is now, I have no idea where I am going from here. It is absolutely terrifying and wonderful all at once.

What has brought you to my rookie blog site is the question? Chances are you have followed me through social media viewing my seemly perfect life and appearance. But spoiler alert, no woman is perfect, so let’s cut that crap out.

You may know me from the old social media app Vine because I was slightly strange in high school (R.I.P Vine).

You may know me from Instagram because I take more selfies than one should in there life time. Or you may just know me because you love me. Yes, you love me or you wouldn’t have come to stalk my site. Don’t feel awkward about it, I love you too.

Just kidding, love is a strong word. Let’s take it slow. Stop trying to toy with my emotions like that.

In all seriousness, my love for media started way before social media was even a thing. I am pretty sure I learned how to use an old cam corder before I could tie my shoes or ride a bike. Those little girl dreams and nerdy behaviors actually did me some good. They guided me into the type of person I want to be and the type of work I want to spend my life doing.

Here are some “fun facts” about me, as the awkward professors would say. I enjoy long walks down strip malls and old antique stores. My ideal vacations consist of romantic trips to Disney World or laying face down in the sand somewhere on the west coast. I am a mischievous goodie goodie and a TOTAL hopeless romantic.  I am easily seduced by large cups of coffee (or sav blanc) and pizza. I have a big, loud, and disturbingly close Italian family.

This is my fam^Living with the La Rosa’s is either the best or most extra situation you’ll get yourself into. Want to join the crew? I am taking applications for a husband now! 😉

I am a lover of old movies, playing dress up, and going on adventures. I am a believer in miracles, true love, angels and in a God. I love surrounding myself with weird, kind, and genuine people. It excites me to always meet new people and gain new experiences. I am a guilty drama queen..but you what they say..if you can’t handle the sass you can’t handle this ass (Just kidding mom and day).

Ok, now that all of the uncomfy, but necessary I am’s are over with, let me tell you why I am sharing my most private thoughts with you.

Writing is something that has typically been a personal and therapeutic escape for me, but I decided I want to share my thoughts and life experiences with others. I have found women especially all struggle with the same things, so my main purpose for this site is too speak to other women who might think they are alone in this complicated journey of life (but guys are welcomed to read too! lol but beware).

You can find some of my notes I took while living in Los Angeles under “Play out in LA” (excuse any typos because I wasn’t planning on making those summaries public). In the “Articles” section of my site, are older works that I have published. Lastly, my Blogs are the section of my site, I will start updating daily with my personal experiences and daily thoughts.

I titled it “Living La Rosa” because it is important to me to live my life according to my own standards. Being a voice for others, telling stories, and making people just feel some type of emotion is what I am seeking out do with my life. I want to challenge everyone to find their deepest desires and just go with that.

Sure, that is easier said than done because I am still figuring all of that out as well. I am constantly working one day at a time to learn more about myself and what I want, as I want to encourage others to do the same.

Fill free to follow my journey. I have no room for hate in my life or on any of my sites, so you can move along if that is your purpose.

I am planning on being very candid because I simply do not care what others think about me and neither should you. There is one me and there is one you. We are not all going to agree or have the same experiences, but being open with one another is a beautiful way to make us feel less alone.

Learn, love, laugh, cry and grow with me babes! – Love, Leah La Rosa